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Why will buyers benefit from Alfa Brands Trading B.V.?

Alfa Brands Trading B.V. will help you to increase your margin.

  • Alfa Brands Trading B.V. aims to buy directly or as near as possible from the industry. By doing so, we cut away many channels and therefore we are able to offer competitive prices.
  • Alfa Brands Trading B.V. is a small company with the knowledge of a big company. The team of Alfa Brands Trading B.V. consist of experienced specialists with a deep understanding of its¬†business. We tend to work flexible, efficient and well-organised to keep our cost low. This is how we have the right product, at the right place, at the right moment and at the right price.
  • Through years of experience in the parallel trading, we have learned how to constantly find new reliable sources in new markets. We exploit the differences in prices for the same product between different countries. As a result, we have sufficient price comparisons from which we will pick the best prices for our clients.


Why will sellers benefit from Alfa Brands Trading B.V.?

Alfa Brands Trading B.V. has the solution for our suppliers and its stock lots.

  • In a short term, our suppliers will hit its sales target by creating additional volume without damaging the brand image.
  • In a long term, our suppliers will be selling into new channels, without affecting its current channels. Alfa Brands Trading B.V. is not a standard residual stock clearance company. We do think in a long term. Our relationship with our suppliers is vital for us.