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Our website uses cookies to optimise your user experience. With the use of cookies, we can remember your settings and preferences. Besides this we collect your data about the functioning of our website and the effectivity of our online marketing campaigns. If you choose to use our site, you have to agree to the placement of cookies. Of course, you can always deny the use of these cookies or delete them in your browser, however this may impact the functioning of our website or the ordering process negatively. For more information about the placed cookies and the relevant third parties we would like to also refer you to our privacy statement.

We make use of functional as well as analytical cookies. These functional cookies are necessary for a correct functioning of the website. For instance, they make sure that the correct and desired information is shown, every time you visit our website. Your permission is not required for the placement of functional cookies. We use the analytical cookies to analyse how often our website is used. If the analytical cookie does not have a major impact on your privacy your permission is also not required.

Google Analytics
Via our website cookies from the American company Google are being placed, as a part of the “Analytics”-service. We use this service to keep track of and gain reports about how users make use of our website. This party, our processor, is possibly legally obliged to give access to these data in certain cases. We did not give our consent to Google to use the obtained analytics-data for other Google-services.

Usually cookies can be managed, edited or deleted via your browser.

The following websites place cookies for the following purposes:

# Cookie – ID Purpose Source
1. 1P_JAR Analyses site-usage
2. APISID AdWords-analysis, keeps track of the effectivity of our AdWords-campaign.
3. CONSENT Keeps track of your consent with regard to the Google Analytics service.